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1. Saturn Sunrise
Just beyond galaxies known in the heart of a purple nebulous cloud lies a diamond star, unseen to those who do not imagine and those who do not believe. This star birthed the first known people, an ancient society of builders, protectors, and seers.
The ancients, deeply connected to their home, maintained the planetary balance by gathering energy a from touch and redistributing it inside and around the star. Distinguishable by their tall necks, long fingers, and iridescent skin, the ancients shared their gifts generously with star beings of near and distant galaxies, living harmoniously in the stars for eternity.
Nineteen hundred years after the arrival of the first beings, the star saw its first disruption of the harmony. What started as a gentle pulse at the tips of their fingers became a warm sensation wrapper around their nervous system. Gentle and fleeting, the diamond beings experienced this disturbance at the exact same moment, coinciding with the birth of a child on the diamond star later known as the first.
2. Souen (Prince & 6th)
The first was a curious being, seeking information about the ancient ancestors in the dust, stars, rivers, and other houses of memory. As the first grew, she learned to absorb sensations in the elements of the land, expanding her knowledge and redistributing the sensation to the borders of the star. The ancients, delighted by her gifts, nurtured the first, sharing the secrets of the diamond unknown from sacred houses. It was here where she learned of a mystical energy known as a feeling. Holding nothing but the native dust from the elements in her palm, the first absorbed the energy and then transmitted the feeling beyond the borders and brightened the most distant star. The ancients, unfamiliar with this sensation, feared a break in the harmony and held a gathering of elders and seers. After seven days, the ancients, in an effort to preserve the harmony, agreed to send the first on a journey to a star many years away.
Three hundred years of light would pass before the first awakened. Far beyond the familiar borders of the diamond star, she arrived in a place of strange balance. A star of the bluest hue, sparkling rain, and warmest skies, its magical interior is protected by large mountainous landscapes as far as the eye can see. It was here where the first flourished.
3. The Alchemist
Isolated on an empty star, the first lived centuries of discovery and wonder. Unable to understand the language of the new world, she learned to communicate through taste and smell, senses deemed secondary and inferior on the diamond. She mastered the language of aerial beings and studied the dance of water until she could hear its song. For twelve hundred years she lived in this way, connecting to the blue hued star in the way of her diamond ancestors. But she soon grew weary as the days and nights became one, an endless lyric of incoherent words and holes. Tired of the lonely song the first longed for something more. Each night, she placed her hand on the dust beneath her, sending her longing deep into the roots until the moment her palm burned hot.
It first started as a whisper. A gentle wind blew across the blackened skies, descending just enough to barely touch the dust before rising again. The wind repeated this motion across the earth until it arrived at the feet of the first. The wind quietly blew across her neck, speaking her name until the first awakened. As she stirred, the wind hovered patiently in the shape of a grey cloud until the first rose to receive the message. 
The wind spoke of ancestors, purpose, and the message of the universe. It spoke of lands unknown in the west, colors, senses unknown, and a mysterious being in the west.
"Look towards the diamond seas. You'll find what you seek in the land of emerald leaves."
The wind picked up speed, gathering water and wind until it formed a swirling cloud of red and purple. It was through this portal that the first embarked on a westward journey to towards understanding.
She traveled thirty-two years. Met with harsh temperatures, strange constellations, and harmonious discord, she also saw brilliant seas, shimmering fields, and graceful bounding creatures along her path. Traveling without compass, the first saw the way through intuition, a sparkling stream of white sand particles swirling ahead like an airborne stream. Each night sky grew darker, each morning sun shined brighter, and each day, the creatures sang louder until the stream faded gently into the skies. This was the day she arrived at the shining emerald tree.
All went silent as the nearby stream slowed to a steady rhythm, hinting of abundance. The sun settled into a dip between the hills, but not before setting the tree ablaze. The blazing leaves gave way to a dazzling display of blinding green jewels before fading into a blend of honey and cinnamon-toned arms and legs. The tree simmered quietly, radiating and buzzing with energy offered by the setting sun. The first approached with reverence, running her fingers along the smooth cracks and crevices, tracing the history of the tree until she found its hand. Gnarled and long with age and memory, she followed the hand with her eyes, realizing it was a compass. As the ground quivered in a low rumble, the first peered into the distance, waiting patiently until the hand delivered its message and revealed the answer. Black particles of obsidian swept across the earth and skies from all directions, assembling into a dark mound before her. Growing from mound to hill into a mountain, the obsidian took its final shape as a glassy, temple-like palace- mountainous, powerful, and dark as the night. As the dust settled, a smooth path of black glass formed a walkway stretching from the curved palace door to the feet of the first. 
Here lies the home of the Alchemist.  
4. Journey to Laicos     Aidem
She stepped onto the glass, taking in the vibration beneath her feet. The path was warm and smooth, without a single groove. The temple ahead was a stunning geometric wonder of strong lines, pyramids, and symbolic carvings. Coated in the darkest black, it cast a shadow over the land for a mile in each direction. The shadows were rich and thick like smoke, dancing about as its own entity. Although the temple was without windows, the first knew she was in full view.
She presented herself to the tall winged statue on the path where it met the opening. The opening, a towering doorway dressed in black steel, widened and signaled for her to enter. She stepped inside, taking in the great hall as her eyes adjusted to the light. The low lights revealed tall walls displaying magnificent engravings and high ceilings that glittered in gold. A shallow round basin filled with a thick black liquid stood alone at the center. She curiously circled the basin, studying the liquid closely. Although the basin was fixed, the liquid swirled languidly about, waiting for instruction.
She peered cautiously into the basin, observing her reflection rippling in the pool. As she inhaled, she felt a warm current move rapidly through her system in waves, catching her by surprise. Startled, she stumbled backwards, unsure of what to make of the strange yet familiar sensation. She regained her footing and eyed the basin from a distance. Her reflection continued to float in the basin, rippling faster. The basin waited.
She carefully stepped towards the center, took a breath, and dipped her finger in the liquid. First her finger, then her palm. The cool liquid gently held her hand. She remained steady as the warm current returned, surging through her system with greater intensity. Carefully, she submerged her arm in the pool, closed her eyes, and waited. Seven days would come to pass before the Alchemist responded.
The dark liquid released its grip at dawn of the seventh day. Rising to the top of the basin, the Alchemist bubbled for a few moments before pouring over the edge and onto the glass floor. Time stood still as he stretched upward, increasing in volume as the amorphous liquid began to take shape. A long hand emerged, followed by         
5. Trust the Order
6. Saturn Return
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